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Telephone: 01873 810152 mob 07818555734

Wern Trekking and Riding Centre
Llangattock Hillside
United Kingdom

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Opening Times

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  • 1 Hour trekking £22.50 1 Hour hacking £30.00
  • Half day trekking £35.00 Half day Hacking £45.00
  • Full day trekking £60.00 Full day Hacking £70.00
  • 20 Minutes taster session £12.00

Aber Rocks

Come to Aber Rocks for an opportunity for exciting Bouldering activities in our dedicated indoor centre.

We offer:

• A variety of different climbing routes ranging from easy to very hard!
• A stand alone boulder
• A circuit training board
• A campus training board
• 15 metres of traverse wall
• Over 10m of roof climbing
• A mezzanine level café serving real coffee, tea and snacks
• Lockers, changing rooms and showers
• Parking

So come along and try your hand today! It's perfect for both fun and fitness.


Bouldering is rock climbing, just without any ropes and therefore usually practices at lower levels with a foam crash mat positioned beneath the climber. At Aber rocks this means the entire floor beneath the climbing surfaces are covered with safety matting which is a full 300mm thick!

For those new to bouldering, we offer taster sessions or induction courses. During term times, we also hold kids clubs at the weekend.

The centre also caters for groups, children's parties and corporate events, as well as being available for private hire. A meeting room for up to 20 people is also available for hire.

Aber Rocks Contact Details

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Telephone: 01873 858928

Aber Rocks

United Kingdom

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Opening Times

Pricing Details

TASTER SESSION (£15.00 per person)
INDUCTION COURSE (£20.00 per person)
Adult climb £7.50, child £6.50
Discounted rates for members. Contact us for more prices and group bookings

Latest News and Special Offers

22nd July - 31 August 2014

Tue to Fri 2pm to 3.30pm
Sat & Sun 10am to 11.30am
Cost £7 members/£10 non members

Advance booking advised